Goal of this Project

Computing has changed the face of the world. It changed accounting, news reporting, photography, transportation, medicine, and many more. Even the building industry has benefitted from computing. Buildings have increased in complexity and capacity. Construction has become easier and faster. Smart Houses allow people to control every aspect of their house from their phone: manage the environment, security, and media. But why stop there?

The quintessential act of Architecture; that of designing spaces and buildings that adapt to their users and their client's needs remains untouched by computing. Architects still sit with their client, sketch an idea (on paper or on a tablet), then go over it with consultants and draftsmen and contractors, produce the construction drawings, and so on. Architecture is a process, and the process has not seen much change from computing.

Autoarchitect aims to reinvent that process. It is not the first of its kind, nor will it be the last. But it attempts this at an angle that has not been done before. It is a software that takes the resident's input and transforms it into a house that satisfies their criteria. This input can range from anything to the number of kids to the family, the number of cars, the vegetation in the garden, and their favorite sitcom. The eventual goal of Autoarchitect is to create a webapp where customers can submit their input, and receive their house plans and construction drawings in a matter of a few hours.

Due to my background and understanding of Saudi housing, Autoarchitect is written and designed for that market.